[Linux-cluster] GNBD CLuster

aydin sasmaz sasmaz at itu.edu.tr
Thu May 22 16:02:43 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I would like to share disk volumes to the other nodes in my cluster with
using a high available gnbd cluster. In this topology, In addition to
cnodes, there are two hpdl380 server connected to msa20 enclosure by scsi
cabling. So they are presented with disk volumes. At this point, 

1) I wouldn't like to use gfs solution 
2) Keep serving disk volumes to cnodes when one of two node gnbd cluster
fails. I mean, would like to migrate gnbd service to the failover cluster
3) when one of the gnbd server fails would like to fence it with a proper
method by using HP-ILO fence device. But don't know how to test failing gnbd

Platforms :Two HP DL380 g3 servers with RHAP5.1 vith virtualization, cluster
and cluster storage 
	     Two HP MSA20 enclosures	

Any advice would be appreciated


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