[Linux-cluster] Re: Booting node 1 causes it to fence node 2 (NM)

NM nico at altiva.fr
Tue May 27 13:55:36 UTC 2008

On Sat, 24 May 2008 10:31:33 +0200, Klaus Steinberger wrote:

> Do you have the cluster Communication and the RAC card's on the same
> subnet? There is some hidden hint in the docu that on a two node cluster
> both cluster communication and fencing devices must be on the same
> network. I had similar symptoms as long as I tried cluster comm on
> fencing on different subnet in a two node cluster.

I eventually solved this by upping the "post join delay" from 3s 
(default) to 20s (recommended in the doc). Why is the default value so 
low compared to the recommended value? This is weird.

>> (btw should cman be started in init.d automatically? or should it be
> It should be started automatically.


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