[Linux-cluster] Use qdisk heuristics w/o a quorum device/partition

Gerhard Spiegl gspiegl at gmx.at
Tue Sep 9 15:51:15 UTC 2008

Hello all!

We are trying to set up a 20 node cluster and want to use a 
"ping-heuristic" and a heuristic that checks the state of
the fiberchannel ports.

Is it possible to use qdisk heuristics without a dedicated
quorum partition, as this setup would only support 16 nodes?

qdiskd fails starting:
Sep  9 14:37:15 ols017c qdiskd[25339]: <info> Quorum Daemon Initializing
Sep  9 14:37:15 ols017c qdiskd[25339]: <crit> Initialization failed

Although "service qdiskd  start" seems to be successfull (OK).

# qdiskd -fd
[4248] debug: Loading configuration information
[4248] debug: Heuristic: 'ping -c1 -t3' score=1 interval=2 tko=1
[4248] debug: 1 heuristics loaded
[4248] debug: Quorum Daemon: 1 heuristics, 1 interval, 10 tko, 1 votes
[4248] debug: Run Flags: 00000035
[4248] info: Quorum Daemon Initializing
stat: Bad address
[4248] crit: Initialization failed

[[snip cluster.conf]]
<quorumd log_level="7" votes="1">
        <heuristic program="ping -c1 -t3"/>
	<heuristic program="check_fc.sh" score="1"/>

Already tried experimenting with interval and tko but without success.

Any help would be appreciated.


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