[Linux-cluster] Re: GFS2 corruption/withdrawal/crash (Bob Peterson)

Bob Peterson rpeterso at redhat.com
Tue Aug 4 12:58:01 UTC 2009

----- "Bob Peterson" <rpeterso at redhat.com> wrote:
| ----- "Wendell Dingus" <wendell at bisonline.com> wrote:
| | Absolutely.. We're doing a gfs2_edit savemeta right now and at 22%
| | it's already over 4.5GB in size. So how can I get that to you when
| | it completes? 
| | 
| | Thanks!
| Hi Wendell,
| What would probably work best is if you use bzip2 to compress the
| metadata then upload it to some web or ftp server for me to download.
| There are a couple free ones out there.
| Regards,
| Bob Peterson
| Red Hat File Systems

Hi Wendell,

What's the status on this?  I haven't heard back from you.
Did the metadata save finish?  If so, where can I download it?


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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