[Linux-cluster] Re: GFS2 corruption/withdrawal/crash (Bob Peterson)

Wendell Dingus wendell at bisonline.com
Tue Aug 4 13:54:18 UTC 2009

I had emailed this to you directly Bob but perhaps you didn't get it. The URL is an IP address and some folks SPAM/malware filters might balk at that. So I'll be a bit more vague in how I pass it on this time in hopes of that not happening... 

Here is the GFS2 metadata file. Be forewarned though, it's 2.8GB compressed. 

Server, accessible via HTTP, but indexes not enabled so put filename on URL. Server IP is The file on there is raid1_gfs2_metadata.txt.bz2 


PS. You have impeccable timing :) This equipment had been up and running fine for quite a few days. I had begun to think the gfs2_fsck had resolved the issue or at least mostly resolved it. Until just _now_ that is... The first sign we have that something is wrong is kind of odd, it's lack of all IP connectivity on one or more of our virtual machines. They have a private network between them and the physical server they're hosted on. The physical server mounts a GFS2 filesystem and NFS shares it and it's mounted by whichever VM(s) are running on it. If the GFS filesystem has issues the passed-through NFS share of course has issues as well. It's odd how it manifests itself though, *all* IP connectivity on multiple VMs is what we see, including external-facing public IPs not associated with the NFS share. Strange... 

----- "Bob Peterson" <rpeterso at redhat.com> wrote: 
> ----- "Bob Peterson" <rpeterso at redhat.com> wrote: 
> | ----- "Wendell Dingus" <wendell at bisonline.com> wrote: 
> | | Absolutely.. We're doing a gfs2_edit savemeta right now and at 22% 
> | | it's already over 4.5GB in size. So how can I get that to you when 
> | | it completes? 
> | | 
> | | Thanks! 
> | 
> | Hi Wendell, 
> | 
> | What would probably work best is if you use bzip2 to compress the 
> | metadata then upload it to some web or ftp server for me to download. 
> | There are a couple free ones out there. 
> | 
> | Regards, 
> | 
> | Bob Peterson 
> | Red Hat File Systems 
> Hi Wendell, 
> What's the status on this? I haven't heard back from you. 
> Did the metadata save finish? If so, where can I download it? 
> Regards, 
> Bob Peterson 
> Red Hat File Systems 
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