[Linux-cluster] How to set lun masking

Bai Shuwei baishuwei at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 04:46:48 UTC 2009

Hi, All:

The bellow is my system architecture

HOST0 ---|
HOST1 ---| --switch --| server (disk0, disk1, disk2 or LUN0, LUN1, LUN2).
HOST2 ---|

I want to assign LUN0 to HOST0, LUN1 to HOST1, and LUN2 to HOST2. There is
only one QLogic HBA on the server. In my zone i build, all HOST can see all
LUNs. So I want to know how to make it possible to make one to one.? I have
installed CSCT and scli tools on my server. How i configure my server to
make the network work?

THanks all!

Bai SHuwei

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