[Linux-cluster] 2 pptp links on two hosts

Jakov Sosic jakov.sosic at srce.hr
Wed Dec 16 17:50:09 UTC 2009


I have two pptp links on two hosts. Hosts are frontends (gateways,
firewalls, NAT) for some network. Hosts also must be gateways for all
the VLANs.

Now, two things in this case can fail - one host, or for example it's
pptp route, in which case again gateway and static routes should be
transferred to the secondary node.

Is there a way to solve this with RHCS, or is there any more appropriate
software for this kind of failover?

My initial idea when I heard the problem was to write something like
init script, which in status part pings some address behind PPTP link,
and if ping is OK, than service is considered OK. Now, if for some
reason ping fails, status wouldn't be 0, and RHCS would apply relocate
policy, stop the script on primary and start it on secondary. stop
function would delete all the routes, and start would set appropriate
static routes. RHCS itself would take care of the floating address of
the gateway.

I wonder if you have any experience with this kind of setup, or any
ideas if this could be done in any better way?

Thank you.

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