[Linux-cluster] openais on RHEL 5.4 and broadcast?

Jakov Sosic jakov.sosic at srce.hr
Fri Dec 18 16:17:55 UTC 2009


How can I force openais on RHEL 5.4 to use broadcast? I've found this in

	OpenAIS now provides broadcast network communication in addition
	to multicast. This functionality is considered Technology
	Preview for standalone usage of OpenAIS and for usage with the
	Cluster Suite. Note, however, that the functionality for
	configuring OpenAIS to use broadcast is not integrated into the
	cluster management tools and must be configured manually.

I've found in cman(5) that openais settings from /etc/ais/openais.conf
are ignored if openais is started by ccs_tool, and that I have to set
properties for totem in cluster.conf. But how could I do that? Beacause
there is no example in the man page :(

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