[Linux-cluster] packet dissectors for totemnet and totemsrp of corosync

Masatake YAMATO yamato at redhat.com
Tue Feb 3 11:52:16 UTC 2009

I've written wireshark packet dissectors for totemnet and 
totemsrp of corosync.

See the attached png file.

I have already submitted the patch to wireshark developers.


Currently you have to get the patch from the bugziila and apply it to
the original source code by yourself. I hope the patch is merged in

The greatest point is this patch supports decryption: you don't have
to turn off "secauth" before capturing. However, "key" is needed to
decrypt the packet.  If you don't specified explicitly in
cluster.conf, the name of cluster is the key. See the bugziila entry
how to give the key to wireshark.

I'm working on upper layer protocols like totempg, cman, "a", clvmd,
and so on.


Masatake YAMATO
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