[Linux-cluster] FailOver Domains not working properly

Marcos David marcos.david at efacec.pt
Tue Feb 3 18:31:58 UTC 2009

I have a 4 node cluster using RHEL 5.3.

I have 4 services which I want to spread trough the servers so I can
have some load-balancing.
Each server should run one of the services when they are enabled, but
what is happening is that the services always start on the node from
which I enabled them.

My configuration is this:

FailOverDomain1 -> includes node1 only, unrestricted, unordered
FailOverDomain2 -> includes node2 only, unrestricted, unordered
FailOverDomain3 -> includes node3 only, unrestricted, unordered
FailOverDomain4 -> includes node4 only, unrestricted, unordered

service1 is allocated to FailOverDomain1
service2 is allocated to FailOverDomain2
service3 is allocated to FailOverDomain3
service4 is allocated to FailOverDomain4

when I execute:
clusvcadm -e service1
clusvcadm -e service2
clusvcadm -e service3
clusvcadm -e service4

all the services start on the same node (the one where I executed the
above commands)

Shouldn't they start on the node in their respective failover domain?
Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help.

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