[Linux-cluster] qdisk on iscsi

Marc Grimme grimme at atix.de
Mon Feb 16 20:15:36 UTC 2009

On Monday 16 February 2009 20:53:06 Matthew Kent wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-02-16 at 15:54 +0100, Marc Grimme wrote:
> > On a shared FC resource it works just fine. I just figured out that it
> > runs when I'm using iscsi-target
> > http://sourceforge.net/projects/iscsitarget/ whereas with scsi-tgt
> > (provided by Redhat) or with NetApp ISCSI
> > Implementation it does not (after the first node joins the fence_domain
> > it stucks in JOIN_START_WAIT).
> Certainly odd that one implementation would work and another wouldn't.
Yes. I think the same. Strange enough.
> > I was wandering if the qdisk requires special scsi functionality which I
> > doubt but wanted to be sure. Or anybody else experianced a strange
> > behaviour when using qdisk on iSCSI.
> Didn't encounter any issues in setting up RHEL 5.3's qdisk against
> iscsitarget and equallogic targets.
Ok. iscsitarget works for me as well.
> Are you able to use a regular target off the NetApp on the same server
> outside of qdisk? Have it available and mounted on boot etc.
Yes we are booting from it. /boot is iSCSI and I think a bunch of other disks 
used by all guests (Oracle, SAP, rootfs, boot etc. All seem to work.).

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