[Linux-cluster] CentOS 5.2 + GFS2 + Dovecot IMAP Server

Flavio Junior billpp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 23:33:49 UTC 2009

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Hi folks...

I hope everybody is up and good right after the carnival holyday :)

Does anybody there get a good setup of IMAP cluster active/active
(shared-storage) using GFS2 ?

Ok, I'm trying to setup a cluster with 3 nodes (2 physical nodes + 1
quorum disk) using GFS2 as filesystem for IMAP service.
I have only mounted the gfs2 filesystem and use it on only one node
(but the service is active on both), the problem is that I'm
getting a lot of slowness time by time... Sometimes (a period of time)
all works fine, the system goes fast and I can navigate
into IMAP folders exactly as I could when using ext3, but with no
reason the system becomes a really crappy and I can't even
run a "ls /home/USER" on any node.

Basically what I've seen in logs is about openais messages. The weird
thing is that I've another cluster
running fine with GFS1 and samba shares on the same network (3Com
baseline's Switches).

I'll post my configs and logs below:

PS: There is no more than 10 directories inside /home partiton and no
more of 20 files (I've no mails right now, dirs and files
are only for IMAP default).

Thanks in advance for read it ;)

Content becomes unreadable on gmail, I'd posted it here:

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