[Linux-cluster] Strange CMAN error

Jeff Sturm jeff.sturm at eprize.com
Mon Jan 12 13:55:00 UTC 2009

What might cause a message like:
Jan 12 08:41:24 t0core-mqc02 openais[1716]: [CMAN ] Node 8 conflict,
remote cluster name='t0core-inner-rhcxvm', local='t0core-inner-rhc'

I've double- and triple-checked that /etc/cluster/cluster.conf is
identical on every node.  It starts with:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster name="t0core-inner-rhc" config_version="3">
    <fencedevice name="xvm" agent="fence_xvm"/>

It's as though cman is concatenating the two attributes somehow.
Coincident with this, "cman_tool nodes" says the node 8 is not a member
(though node 8 thinks it is).

We're having trouble with our cluster when fencing/rejoining a node.  It
operates fine when starting the whole cluster together.  This is on
CentOS 5.2.

Thanks for any insight...

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