[Linux-cluster] Sun StorageTek 2530 Array SAS and Redhat Cluster Suite

Jakub Suchy jakub.suchy at enlogit.cz
Tue Jan 13 16:41:58 UTC 2009

We use 2530 with 2 servers and RHCS without a problem. I think that the limitations are just due to a possible throughput of SAS.


> I'm thinking of purchasing the 2530 to enable shared storage for a small cluster of Redhat Xen hosts.
> But, on this little blurb page from Redhat:
> http://www.redhat.com/cluster_suite/hardware/
> it says: "Cluster Manager systems can be configured using iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or Multi-Initiator (MI) SAS hardware. In general, MI SAS will be appropriate for smaller configurations with 2-4 servers, while iSCSI and Fibre Channel are better suited to larger configurations." 
> Initially the cluster would be 3 servers but I could see us adding more later, but I doubt more than 6 servers total on this entry level SAN from SUN.
> I'm wondering why MI SAS should only be used with 2-4 cluster nodes?
> Perhaps I should go with the fibre channel model of this array? But it would cost more. The SAS version seems just right to me, except for this blurb.

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