[Linux-cluster] Qdisk in initial quorum

Matthew Kent matt at bravenet.com
Fri Jan 16 02:52:52 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-01-12 at 13:20 +0800, Jeff Jansen wrote:
> Hmmmmmm, that's pretty much exactly what I have.  But qdiskd can't start because
> ccsd refuses the connection saying that it's not quorate.

Funny - just encountered this exact issue this morning during some
testing and have been trying to solve it.

Found a bug report that contains a patch that fixes this
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=436381 see the last comment.
Guessing by the bug status it's coming in RHEL 5.3, but for now the
patch applies cleanly to the cman rpm from 5.2.

It does solve the issue, starting qdisk shortly after cman, getting its
vote and achieving a quorum, but it does leave some ugliness in the logs
in my testing. Mainly due to qdisk starting in the background and taking
10-20 secs in my config to provide its vote and achieve quorum. I've got
a small patch for this which I'll submit shortly.
Matthew Kent \ SA \ bravenet.com

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