[Linux-cluster] Help setting up failoverdomain for 4 resources in a 4 nodes cluster

Maykel Moya moya at latertulia.org
Mon Jan 26 05:01:21 UTC 2009

After reading some mails about GFS oddities for serving Maildir I
decided to split the whole-Maildir-data into 4 ext3 filesystems and use
4 floating IPs for communication with imap proxies.

So I have identified 4 services each one composed of a filesystem and a
virtual ip. My config sketch is like:

    <service name="mdir-part1-svc" autostart="1">
      <fs name="mdir-part1-fs" mountpoint="/mdir/part1"
      <ip address=""/>

    <service name="mdir-part2-svc" ...

    <service name="mdir-part3-svc" ...

    <service name="mdir-part4-svc" ...

So I have mdir-part{1,2,3,4}-svc services and node{1,2,3,4} nodes. My
doubt is how to setup the failoverdomain stanzas so mdir-part1-svc will
be served using node1 preferably, mdir-part2-svc preferably on node2 and
so on.


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