[Linux-cluster] Trouble adding back in an old node

Stewart Walters stewart at epits.com.au
Wed Jan 28 09:40:35 UTC 2009

Vernard C. Martin wrote:
>>> <?xml version="2.0"?>
>>> <cluster alias="rsph_centos_5" config_version="41" 
>>> name="rsph_centos_5">
>>>        <fence_daemon clean_start="1" post_fail_delay="30" 
>>> post_join_delay="90"/>
>>>   [ ... lines deleted for brevity ... ]          <cman/>
>> You have a <cman/> to close the cman stanza in cluster.conf, but no 
>> actual <cman parameter1=1 parameter2=2> to open it.  Is this correct?
>> The cman stanza is where you would define expected_votes on the 
>> cluster, so not having this present is perhaps the reason why ccsd 
>> believes the cluster is inquorate?
> thanks. I didn't see that.  I've been using the GUI tools to 
> manipulate the cluster.conf file so that I could hopefully avoid 
> omissions just like this one. Since obviously that isn't working, it 
> seem to me that I'm going to have to shut all the cluster services 
> down, edit the clutser.conf file by hand, propagate it out there. or 
> is there a quicker way to do that with cman_tool or somesuch?
> Thanks in advance
I tend to use the GUI tools myself for that same reason, but it's 
happened to me before as well (and by the looks of one or two of the 
posts here, we're not the only ones).

So I guess conga and the system-config-cluster aren't 100% at building 
config files that work.  Sometimes they get in a twist and you have to 
get your hands dirty :-)

To fix this, I think (from memory) you need to copy 
/etc/cluster/cluster.conf to an alternate location on any one of the 
nodes (i.e. cp /etc/cluster/cluster.conf /tmp)

Then modify the alternate version from having <cluster 
config_version=xxx> to be config_version=xxx+1 (or otherwise increment 
the number to one that is higher than has been previously used).  For 
example you would change <cluster config_version=37> to <cluster 

Then add the appropriate <cman> line with all the options that are 
appropriate (including expected_votes).  To give you an example of where 
the line should sit, here is an excert from a working two-node cluster:

        <cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>

In otherwords, put the <cman> after </clusternodes> but before 

Then run:

[root at node01 ~]# ccs_tool update /path/to/fixed/cluster.conf

It should distribute the new file to all nodes in the cluster.



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