[Linux-cluster] Problem with NDB Engine (Dropping tables automatically with show tables)

Sammut, Etienne, VF-MT Etienne.Sammut at vodafone.com
Thu Jan 29 12:45:58 UTC 2009

Hi Guys/Gals


I have a problem with my cluster. I am creating a Database and creating
some tables in it. I am using NDB disk based tables. The database
consists of about 7 tables. 


When I create the tables and then perform a show table command all the
tables are dropped L


I tried to create the tables no disk based and the same thing happened.
When creating the tables using MYISAM engine the problem does not


Also I noticed that the show tables does not drop the tables if only for
example 4 of the tables. Thus I thought that it was some sort of problem
with max attributes parameters, I tried to increase the param but the
problem occurred just the same. 


I am using mysql-5.1.29 ndb-6.3.19



Your help is much appreciated.   


Thanks and Regards

Etienne Sammut

Vodafone Life is Now

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