[Linux-cluster] Set up Satellite on notebook/laptop or server?

sunhux G sunhux at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 14:51:39 UTC 2009


We're exploring to get Satellite for ease of patching the Linux servers.

The recommendation from Redhat is to have at least 200Gb disk space,
2Gb RAM.

As the largest server (SCSI) disk available is only 146Gb, I thought of
setting up Satellite on a notebook instead (as there's larger disks
for notebook).

My colleagues/manager prefer a server but of course this means setting up
RAID 0 (or RAID 0+1) to obtain larger disks.

Does anyone has any comments as to the pros & cons of setting up
Satellite on a notebook vs on a server?  I was told notebook/laptop is less
reliable but we're taking an Acronis backup as and when there's changes
or new patches/updates being loaded into the Satellite, so risks of a
crashed satellite is mitigated.

What's the largest disk available on a notebook/laptop?

My idea of setting up Satellite on a notebook is that I could bring the
around to connect it up to various subnets (or even to a another datacentre
a remote location) to patch the Linux servers without the hassle of opening
firewall rules and sharing of satellite between different locations.

Any issue (legal of technical) with just changing the IP address of the
server as & when I need to connect it up to a different subnet?

What are the various hardware people knew have been used to host Satellite?

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