[Linux-cluster] Set up Satellite on notebook/laptop or server?

Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Thu Jan 29 17:28:39 UTC 2009

On Thursday 29 January 2009 14:51:39 sunhux G wrote:
> Hi,
> We're exploring to get Satellite for ease of patching the Linux servers.
> The recommendation from Redhat is to have at least 200Gb disk space,
> 2Gb RAM.
> As the largest server (SCSI) disk available is only 146Gb, I thought of
> setting up Satellite on a notebook instead (as there's larger disks
> available
> for notebook).
> My colleagues/manager prefer a server but of course this means setting up
> RAID 0 (or RAID 0+1) to obtain larger disks.
> Does anyone has any comments as to the pros & cons of setting up
> Satellite on a notebook vs on a server?  I was told notebook/laptop is less
> reliable but we're taking an Acronis backup as and when there's changes
> or new patches/updates being loaded into the Satellite, so risks of a
> crashed satellite is mitigated.
> What's the largest disk available on a notebook/laptop?
> My idea of setting up Satellite on a notebook is that I could bring the
> notebook
> around to connect it up to various subnets (or even to a another datacentre
> at
> a remote location) to patch the Linux servers without the hassle of opening
> up
> firewall rules and sharing of satellite between different locations.
> Any issue (legal of technical) with just changing the IP address of the
> Satellite
> server as & when I need to connect it up to a different subnet?
> What are the various hardware people knew have been used to host Satellite?
> Thanks
> U

We're currently using Satellite 5.0.2 on a fairly meaty Dell server (8GB ram, 
800GB raid-5 disk, 4 cpu).
To my mind this server is massivly over-spec'd for the job its doing, and 
spends most of its time idle.

/var/satellite is taking up 80GB (we have RHEL4 AS and ES 32bit, RHEL5 32bit 
and RHEL5 64bit)
/rhnsat (the database) is only 6.5GB, although we don't have that many servers 

A quick check on the Dell website reveals the Precision M6400 Mobile 
Workstation, which take upto 16GB ram, a Quad-core cpu and upto two 500GB 
This type of laptop would be perfect for a mobile satellite IMHO, although 
it'll probably be more expensive than a server for long-term use.


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Senior Systems Engineer
QinetiQ Applied Technologies
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