[Linux-cluster] IPVS on 2 servers running the HA services?

Brett Cave brettcave at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 11:53:52 UTC 2009


I am running ipvs on a single node with ipvs configured to load
balance to 2 backend servers (mysql). I remember having issues load
balancing to the server that HA is running on, due to the IP address
being local. ipvs was configured using ldirector, with the real
servers using the "gate" redirect method.

Is it possible to run heartbeat + ipvs + apache on 2 nodes though?
Perhaps using masq method?


server1: ip + heartbeat + primary HA ip + apache
server2: ip + heartbeat + secondary for HA IP + apache

ipvs / ldirector to then direct incoming http requests on
to .1 and .2 using masq - would that load balance requests between the
servers, or would all requests come in to primary and be served by


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