[Linux-cluster] Could some one explain why SCSI_Fence Agent can not be used in 2 nodes cluster?

yu song songyu555 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 01:21:08 UTC 2009


I am planning to build a 2 nodes cluster on rhcl 5.3, and looking for what
fencing method I could use.

On the storage side, it is EMC clarion and supports scsi 3 reservation.

So I'm thinking to use fence_scsi agent to do the disk fencing. however,
according the redhat website,  it states that fence_scsi does not support
two nodes cluster.

Could anyone kindly explain it why? (never had this issue when use veritas

Another question is what is best practice to have how many Quorum disk for
two-nodes cluster? It looks like not compulsory and better have it..


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