[Linux-cluster] Queries on RHCS command line tools

Christine Caulfield ccaulfie at redhat.com
Mon Jan 25 09:17:50 UTC 2010

On 25/01/10 05:59, Chirag wrote:
> Hi
> I am using Redhat cluster suite. I am trying to configure cluster on
> linux using command line tools. I have following queries. Please answer
> them as early as possible. I have gone through man pages of ccs_tool,
> cman_tool, clusvcadm etc. commands but I could not find anwers of
> following questions.
> 1. Can I add node in cluster without adding fence device using command
> line tool? If yes then how?

No, you can't leave off a fencing device. All nodes need a fencing 
device associated with them. The command-line tool simply enforces this.

> 2. I want to add failover domain in cluster. How can I add it using
> command line tool?
> 3. I want to add resources in cluster. How can I add it using command
> line tool?
> 4. I want to define services in cluster. How can I define them using
> command line tool?

You can't. ccs_tool only manages nodes and fencing devices. Because of 
the complexity and variability of services you will have to either edit 
the XML yourself or use one of the GUIs, sorry


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