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On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 1:28 AM, yvette hirth <yvette at dbtgroup.com> wrote:

> hi,
> once SCST is running, then i plan on having FOO present one LUN each for
> three raid arrays to the two desktops.  array0 will be shared by FOO and
> DT0; array1 will be shared by FOO and DT1; and array2 will be shared by FOO,
> DT0 and DT1.
> the scenario for my question is this:
will a "non-clustered" filesystem like ext3 / xfs be sufficient?  i can't
> use zfs because this is FCP SCSI not iSCSI.
 You will require GFS / 2 in which case you will need Centos/RHEL cluster

> i've looked at OPEN-E, OpenFiler (which has a 64-bit version that doesn't
> like HP DL380 G6's), DataCore and tons more and all fall short or failed the
> install.

> we could certainly go iSCSI (which seems to be a trend), but we've invested
> some non-trivial budget in 8gbps FCP and don't feel it's antiquidated just
> yet.

ISCSI presents LUNs

For concurrent access from multiple nodes to the same filesystem a clustered
filesystem like GFS/OCFS/HPFS _will_ be required or of course you can go the
NFS way.

my 0.02


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