[Linux-cluster] Startup delay for VMs in a cluster

Dirk H. Schulz dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de
Fri Jan 29 12:47:23 UTC 2010

Dirk H. Schulz schrieb:
> Hi folks,
> the VMs in my cluster are defined via <vm> containers which are not 
> inside <service> containers because the latter prevents live migration 
> (as far as I could find out).
> Now when I start up the cluster, all VMs are started at once, which I 
> would like to prevent. Is there any way to define a startup sequence 
> or startup delay (like you can for the xendomains service) without 
> misusing dependencies?
> Dirk
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Just for the archive: I have an idea now.

I will try defining soft dependencies between the VMs (as I understand 
soft is only regarded at startup), so I can have a startup sequence 
which is even more than just a startup delay.

Any reasons why this should not work?


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