[Linux-cluster] Multiple script resources with same name

Anderson, John(Patni) John.Anderson4 at weyerhaeuser.com
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Your welcome Achint,

As far as I know.  In the past I did not change the name of a script I called out in another script.   I just commented out a section (of the line) and stated why I was calling it again, to avoid confusion.  That enabled me to keep resources at a lower level.  (Memory and storage space were measured in kilobytes and megabytes back then.)


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Thanks John.

I have done something similar as a workaround.
Instead of creating copies I have created softlink with different names to the same script file.
(I am editing the script a lot so softlinks saves me some effort)

But is it correct to say that there is no such provision of managing multiple instances of services (script service) in the RHCS framework ?


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One way might be to create the script and save it to different names.  IE vi the script and save it then cat it to a different name.

TEST #> Vi testfile1
After completing the task then:
TEST #> cat testfile1 > testfile2
TEST #> cat testfile2 > testfile3
Et Cetra ; etc.


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Subject: [Linux-cluster] Multiple script resources with same name

Hi All,

I am using RHCS on RHEL 6.2.
I was trying add multiple script resources that point to the same script/resource/executable.
Is seems that every script resource that has been added should have a unique script name.

Is there a way in RHCS by which I can spawn and manage multiple instances of same script/executable?


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