[Linux-cluster] lvm2-cluster not syncing correctly?

Bob Peterson rpeterso at redhat.com
Thu Feb 24 16:49:33 UTC 2011

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| Hi
| I'm creating an (at present) 2 node cluster to share GFS2 filesystems.
| Everything seems to be working reasonably OK apart from one issue
| which may or may not be a bug.
| I have a cluster volume group called vgGWPOCSHARED mounted on 2 nodes.
| I can "vgdisplay -v" and "vgdisplay -v vgGWPOCSHARED" to my hearts
| content on either node with no problem.
| I now create a logical volume on the first node, e.g. lvcreate -n test
| -L 1G vgGWPOCSHARED. The output of "vgdisplay -v" and "vgdisplay -v
| vgGWPOCSHARED" on the local node show the new logical volume as
| expected.
| However, if I now perform the same 2 commands on the second node,
| something strange happens.


Are you sure the clustered bit is set on the VG?

Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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