[Linux-cluster] How fast can rsync be on GFS2?

Nikola Savic niks at logik-internet.rs
Sat Feb 26 02:33:29 UTC 2011


  I have started building my first cluster with 3 nodes using CentOS
5.4. Two nodes have disk mirrored using DRBD, and third node is
accessing it using GNBD.

  We're still not in production, but I wanted to test backup procedures.
All web files will be copied to the remote server using rsync. There are
about 3 milion files, mostly small. Rsync is very slow in creating file
list, little faster than 100files/s. I have added:
  <dlm plock_ownership="1" plock_rate_limit="0"/>
  <gfs_controld plock_rate_limit="0"/>
to cluster.conf. Also tried to manually add options to gfs_controld in
cman init script. Nothing made rsync faster :(

  Is there any other tuning I can use to make GFS2 faster in this
scenario? Does anyone use rsync in similar scenario, and how fast is
file list created?

  I assume it has something to do with locking, but I couldn't find
suitable settings, except plock_ownership and plock_rate_limit, which
have already been included in cluster configuration file.


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