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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_vmware_ng fails: SHELL_TIMEOUT not defined

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 09:59:41AM +0100,
Marek 'marx' Grc <mgrac redhat com> wrote:

> Ofer Inbar wrote:
> >I've got a cluster on CentOS 5.5, cman-2.0.115-34.el5_5.4, using VMWare.

> >$ sudo fence_vmware_ng -a virtualcenter -l [loginname] -p [password] -o 

> >NameError: global name 'SHELL_TIMEOUT' is not defined

> Bug was very likely fixed in cman-2.0.115-39. But you can change these 
> constants with suitable values (few seconds should be enough).


Q1: Where can I get that build (or later) of cman for CentOS 5?  I
can't find it in the CentOS or RHEL repos, or EPEL, or via
rpm.pbone.net or some other places I tried.

Q2: As for changing the constants: I don't see where they are set in
the first place, nor any description of what they're for, or what
values they're supposed to have.  Are you suggesting I directly edit
the fence_vmware_ng script and add definitions for these constants?
Won't that be destroyed by the next install or upgrade of the RPM?  Is
there someplace these constants are supposed to be defined?  And if
I'm hacking the script directly, and have no idea what these constants
are for, is there any reason I shouldn't just edit them out of the one
line where they're used, and replace them with a small integer?

  -- Cos

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