[Linux-cluster] quorum dissolved but resources are still alive

Martin Claudio claudio.martin at abilene.it
Tue May 31 16:22:01 UTC 2011


i have a problem with a 2 node cluster with this conf:

                 <clusternode name="TEST1" nodeid="1" votes="1">
                 <clusternode name="TEST2" nodeid="2" votes="2">
         <cman expected_votes="2"/>

all is ok but when node 2 goes down quorum dissolved but resources is 
not stopped, here log:

clurgmgrd[1302]: <emerg> #1: Quorum Dissolved
kernel: dlm: closing connection to node 2
openais[971]: [CLM  ]       r(0) ip(
openais[971]: [CLM  ] Members Left:
openais[971]: [CLM  ]       r(0) ip(
openais[971]: [CLM  ] Members Joined:
openais[971]: [CMAN ] quorum lost, blocking activity
openais[971]: [CLM  ] New Configuration:
openais[971]: [CLM  ]       r(0) ip(
openais[971]: [CLM  ] Members Left:
openais[971]: [CLM  ] Members Joined:
openais[971]: [SYNC ] This node is within the primary component and will 
provide service.
openais[971]: [TOTEM] entering OPERATIONAL state.
openais[971]: [CLM  ] got nodejoin message
openais[971]: [CPG  ] got joinlist message from node 1
ccsd[964]: Cluster is not quorate.  Refusing connection.

cluster recognized that quorum is dissolved but resource manager doesn't 
stop resource, ip address is still alive, filesystem is still mount, 
i'll expect an emergency shutdown but it does not happen....

Distinti Saluti
Claudio Martin
Abilene Net Solutions S.r.l.

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