[Linux-cluster] quorum dissolved but resources are still alive

Martin Claudio claudio.martin at abilene.it
Tue May 31 18:33:03 UTC 2011

Il 31/05/2011 19.05, Digimer ha scritto:

> There are a couple of problems here; You need:
> <cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1">
> With a two-node, quorum is effectively useless, as a single node is
> allowed to continue. Also, without proper fencing, things will not fail
> properly. This means that you are in somewhat of an undefined area.
> Can you setup proper fencing, make the <cman .../> change and then try
> again? If the problem persists, please paste your entire cluster.conf
> (please only alter passwords) along with the relevant sections of logs
> from both nodes?

i know that quorum in a "two way cluster" is useless, but i need to 
config cluster in this way :

node 1 votes 1
node 2 votes 2
quorum 2

When all nodes are working total votes is 3, quorum is 2 and all is 
working fine...

if link between nodes is down node 1 alone has no quorum ( votes = 1 ) 
and it has to shutdown his resources while node 2 has quorum ( votes = 
2) and it has to bring up resources. In this way i avoid "split brain 
I know that in this config i have a single-point-of-failure, infact if 
node 2 goes down, also node 1 goes down ( no quorum ) but for me is ok...
I also plannig to implement some way to fencing nodes, but at the moment 
it's only a simulation lab....
Anyway i still have the problem, node without quorum has not shutdown 
resources, any help for me plese?

Distinti Saluti
Claudio Martin
Abilene Net Solutions S.r.l.

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