[Linux-cluster] does RHCS support IBM db2 v9.7 DPF

nivek.cao at gmail.com nivek.cao at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 04:30:42 UTC 2012

Dear All,

I find the list of services that RHCS supports in this document

Red Hat Cluster supports the following HA services:

    Application (Script)
    LVM (HA LVM)
    Open LDAP
    PostgreSQL 8
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 does not support running Clustered Samba in
an active/active configuration, in which Samba serves the same shared file
system from multiple nodes. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 does support running
Samba in a cluster in active/passive mode, with failover from one node to
the other nodes in a cluster. Note that if failover occurs, locking states
are lost and active connections to Samba are severed so that the clients
must reconnect.
    Tomcat 5

so I can't deploy a db2 DPF database in RHCS environment?
what else ha software under linux can I choose?
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