[Linux-cluster] Creating two different cluster using same set of nodes.

Zama Ques queszama at yahoo.in
Wed Aug 1 11:56:46 UTC 2012

Hi All ,

Need clarifications whether it is possible to create two different cluster using the same set of nodes. 

Looks like Redhat Cluster Suite does not support creating different 
clusters using the same nodes. I am getting the following 
error while building the second cluster using the same nodes using luci interface .  


The following errors occurred:
    * Host system3.example.com is already a member of the cluster named "ClusterA"
    * Host system4.example.com is already a member of the cluster named "ClusterA"

 query is that does Redhat Cluster Suite allows in any way to create two
 different clusters using same nodes.  If not , any reason for not 
allowing  this feature?.

Thanks in Advance
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