[Linux-cluster] Options for fencing at the node level .

Zama Ques queszama at yahoo.in
Fri Jun 29 02:32:06 UTC 2012

Hi All ,

I need to setup HA clustering using redhat cluster suite on two nodes , primary concern being high availability . Before trying it on production , I am trying to configure the setup on two desktop machines . For storage , I am creating a partition and sharing the partition as a iscsi target on a third machine . Would like to know what are the options for fencing available at the node level  .  I tried going through the conga interface for creating a
shared fence device , I could see one option is using GNBD . virtual machine fencing is there in the list but that is for xen based HA
cluster . scsi fencing is there , but as far as what I understand it does not support iscsi target as of now. Manual fencing is also there , and I am planning to use that , but would like to  know is there any other options are available for fencing at node level ? 

Thanks in Advance
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