[Linux-cluster] GFS2/DLM deadlock

Bob Peterson rpeterso at redhat.com
Mon Sep 10 12:21:04 UTC 2012

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| I'm not clear on the two different inode numbers in the two lines
| above:
| Which n: number do I use to locate the file the lock is for? The one
| in the
| glock line or the one in the I: line? From RedHat docs I have read, I
| should convert the 81523 (from the '2/ 81523') to decimal, which is
|  533795,
| and then use 'find -inum 533795' to locate the file after the
| filesystem
| has been unfrozen.
| I guess my confusion is the definition of a "disk inode's block
| address"
| versus an "inode disk address". Could you clarify the difference for
| me?


Technically, there are two inode numbers in GFS2: The "formal inode number"
and the "block number" or "block address". You need only ever concern
yourself with the latter. The first number is not used for anything
(except possibly in NFS situations). In your example, the device block
address is 0x81523, which is 529699 (not 533795 which is 0x82523) decimal.
This is the value that "stat <file>" will return as "Inode:", and it's the
same value that is used by "find -inum <X>". Because we don't typically
use or care about the first number, we often use the terms "block address"
and "inode number" interchangeably, since really they're the same thing
in GFS2.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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