[Linux-cluster] cluster with NFS export and mount on other node

Heiko Nardmann heiko.nardmann at itechnical.de
Sat Sep 15 15:20:14 UTC 2012

I would recommend to ask RedHat for support concerning your intended setup.

First they of course have much more experience; second then you know 
whether your system is a supported setup.

They also provide support before(!) a system is implemented.

Where does your NFS data come from? iSCSI SAN?

Kind regards,


Am 15.09.2012 16:50, schrieb Ben .T.George:
> HI
> i am working on a different type of cluster request.
> my requirement is :
> mount three file-system on node1 at that same time these filesystem to 
> be NFS mounted on node2. vice versa
> for this requirement which type of cluster approach i need to choose.?
> which type of file system i need to choose (gfs, ext4..)
> my OS is RHEL-6.3
> please help me.
> Regards,
> Ben

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