[Linux-cluster] manual intervention 1 node when fencing fails due to complete power outage

Benjamin Budts ben at zentrix.be
Fri Feb 7 16:13:15 UTC 2014




I have a 2 node setup (with quorum disk), redhat 6.5 & a luci mgmt console.


Everything has been configured and we’re doing failover tests now.


Couple of questions I have :


·         When I simulate a complete power failure of a servers pdu’s (no
more access to idrac fencing or APC PDU fencing) I can see that the fencing
of that node who was running the application fails ß I  noticed unless
fencing returns an OK I’m stuck and my application won’t start on my 2nd
node. Which is ok I guess, because no fencing could mean there is still I/O
on my san. 

Clustat also shows on the active node that the 1st node is still running the


How can I intervene manually, so as to force a start of the application on
the node that is still alive ?

Is there a way to tell the cluster, don’t take into account node 1 anymore
and don’t try to fence anymore, just start the application on the node that
is still ok ?


I can’t possibly wait until power returns to that server. Downtime could be
too long.



·         If I tell a node to leave the cluster in Luci, I would like it to
remain a non-cluster member after the reboot of that node. It rejoins the
cluster automatically after a reboot. Any way to prevent this ?




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