[Linux-cluster] fence_cisco_ucs issue within cluster.conf

Marek marx Grác mgrac at redhat.com
Wed Nov 4 09:20:57 UTC 2015


Thanks for a great report. I believe that problem is that in cluster.conf you set up ‘suborg=“/org-root/ls-mailbox” but on the command line you have it without “--" so it is not used at all. It is best shown at that verbose output.

On 2 November 2015 at 15:39:45, Jayesh Shinde (jayesh.shinde at netcore.co.in) wrote:

> command line fencing :--
> -----------------------------
> [root at mailbox2 ~]# /usr/sbin/fence_cisco_ucs -a -l KVM -p
> 'myPassword' -o status -v -z --plug=mailbox1 --ipport=443
> suborg="/org-root/ls-mailbox" ; *echo $?*
> > outCookie="1446038319/bdd0ea5b-386f-4374-8eca-9ff7595c33f3"
> outRefreshPeriod="600" outPriv="pn-equipment,pn-maintenance,read-only"
> outDomains="" outChannel="noencssl" outEvtChannel="noencssl"
> outSessionId="web_29402_B" outVersion="2.2(3d)" outName="KVM">  
> > cookie="1446038319/bdd0ea5b-386f-4374-8eca-9ff7595c33f3"
> inHierarchical="false" dn="org-root/ls-mailbox1/power"/>
> > cookie="1446038319/bdd0ea5b-386f-4374-8eca-9ff7595c33f3" response="yes">  

As you can see dn is org-root/ls-mailbox1/... with suborg set it will be org-root/ls-mailbox/ls-mailbox1/...
It should be enough to remove sub-org part from your cluster.conf


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