[linux-lvm] LVM in stock kernel!?

Ulrik De Bie winmute at atlantique.venturi.net
Sun Aug 22 11:24:28 UTC 1999

> Hi Linus,
> please put the LVM into 2.4, it is really usefull and working fine.
> People with need for lots of disk space (database people) are needing
> it.
> Features like this are strongly needed to make Linux ready for the
> enterprise!
Once, there was an idea called partitions. People never considered
big hard disks, changing disk space needs etc. Now we still have
this same system, while a lot of unices already are using lvm-like

I think lvm is the only good long term solution for the diskspace
problem, and a lot of people will be happy having it.

Kind regards,
Ulrik De Bie
winmute at atlantique.venturi.net

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