[linux-lvm] LVM in stock kernel!?

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Wed Aug 25 01:20:37 UTC 1999

> Hi,
> Has there been any further discussion or a resolution on how to "cast our
> votes" for lvm to be included in 2.[34] ?

I'm sorry, it has not.

But i'ld appreciate any ideas how to push LVM into the stock kernel.

> Should I send a message to Linus asking him to include it ? 

As far as i understood Alan Cox, Linus wants to know, if many people
like to have the LVM in the stock kernel.

My idea just was: "let's send him mails to tell him 8*)"

Maybe there are much better ways.
I'm open to them.

> Should I get everyone I know who uses or wants use lvm with linux to also
> send Linus a note ?

Yes, please!

Kind regards,



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