[linux-lvm] LVM in stock kernel!

Drew Smith drew at winterland.mainland.ab.ca
Mon Aug 23 16:37:10 UTC 1999

	Hi Linus,

	(OBGush) Thanks for Linux, man - been using it for just under five
years, and it's made my life a helluva lot better; got me my job as a
unix consultant, and given order to the piles of PCs in my bedroom.

	This note is just to let you know that I'm finding LVM to be extrememly
useful, and that many of the server admins I talk to daily are very
interested in seeing this come as part of the stock distribution - many
AIX and HP/UX people that are pretty tired of paying five-figure prices
for software and support, and won't use Linux because it doesn't offer
enough familiar support for large amounts of storage.

	Just my vote; I really beleive this will help the coming of Linux into
the REALLY big server rooms of the world. :)

	- Drew.

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