[linux-lvm] Actual status of LVM in stock kernel

Rolf Jakob rjakob at duffy1.franken.de
Thu Nov 11 22:20:25 UTC 1999


> Somebody out there to help me stay optimistic?
Not hearing something positive does not necessarily mean something negative.
Maybe Linus is a bit busy or he's trying LVM right now or ...

Give him some time, Linux is not his full-time job.
And if LVM won't make it into the stock kernel soon - well, you did what
you could.
Let distributors include the patch in their distribution is not the
worst thing either. BTW: SuSE 6.3 will have it, AFAIK. Correct ?

We now and honor what you did, may it be in the stock kernel or not ... :-)


PS: Maybe somebody can tell me how to mount a root lv ?
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