[linux-lvm] Actual status of LVM in stock kernel

Ulf Bartelt ulf at twc.de
Fri Nov 12 08:59:23 UTC 1999

pamvdam at ramoth.xs4all.nl wrote:
> There's always the alternative way. Let's het SuSE hot for it. They
> do patch their (stable) kernels with all the latest stuff.

What about Debian?

Someone mentioned having made a .deb outa LVM-tools...
Where can I get it?

Im too new to LVM topics and have only done some little experiments with
a second LVMified hd in my system but failed to get a root LVM to

...so for now my knowledge is far too less to do what I suggest:

...to extend the LVM-howto. Describing benefits of LVM clearly and
having distribution specific instructions how to get a (near to) perfect
LVMified system running and spreading this HOWTO would be a way to push

...maybe some articles in Linux-Magazin, C'T and nongerman equivalents
would be nice too...

As soon as I am fit enough in "LVM on Debian" I am standby to at least
proofread and maybe extend the Debian-specific parts...



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