[linux-lvm] LVM, raw-io, devfs

Adrien Farkas freddy at redneck.sk.oracle.com
Fri Oct 1 12:40:03 UTC 1999

Fernando Dammous (ferdam at internetcom.com.br) wrote :

> LVM 0.7 is installed (built into the kernel, which is still in the version 2.0.36) and working perfectly, with the root filesystem and swap in a LV (boot with initrd).  
> Now, I would like to install the devfs and mainly the raw-io.   
> Can I install them in a kernel 2.0.36, which is already patched with LVM?  
> Should I apply the patches in which order (first devfs, later the raw-io, or vice versa)?  
> I intend to install Oracle8 using raw-io.   

well, I'm still not sure whether Oracle software is compatible with raw-io patch in linux kernel, please let me know how are you doing with that.

> The devfs isn't so important for me (should it be ?).  

devfs is a very usable patch compatible with most of devices (including LVM) and software (I can only think of vmware that doesn't run with vmware). it saves a lot of inodes in /dev and contains only devices really present in the system and uses intelligent backward-compatible naming scheme (so you can still use inodes like /dev/sda etc) present in many modern UN*X flavors (like Solaris, e.g.). You should give it at lease a chance before saying you use it only because of raw-devices ;)

> If anyone knows about restrictions or some clues I would thank a lot.  


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