[linux-lvm] list announcements

Ben Lutgens blutgens at sistina.com
Wed Dec 6 23:15:03 UTC 2000

Hi all, it's your friendly neighborhood list admin again we have a new list
for you posting pleasure. Please subscribe to lvm-devel for general
development related discussion. linux-lvm at sistina.com will remain but will be
for user questions and support.

Also I get alot of posts that require my intervention from non-subscribers.
This is an anti spam measure. Please send me a mail if you would like to post
from addresses that are not subscribed and encourage people who post to
subscribe as I do not wish to open the list to posts from non-subscribers
(unless you guys like spam :-)

Thank you.
Ben Lutgens		cell: 612.670.4789	http://www.sistina.com/
Sistina Software Inc.	work: 612.379.3951
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