[linux-lvm] list announcements

Andi Kleen ak at suse.de
Thu Dec 7 01:47:16 UTC 2000

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 05:15:03PM -0600, Ben Lutgens wrote:
> Hi all, it's your friendly neighborhood list admin again we have a new list
> for you posting pleasure. Please subscribe to lvm-devel for general
> development related discussion. linux-lvm at sistina.com will remain but will be
> for user questions and support.
> Also I get alot of posts that require my intervention from non-subscribers.
> This is an anti spam measure. Please send me a mail if you would like to post
> from addresses that are not subscribed and encourage people who post to
> subscribe as I do not wish to open the list to posts from non-subscribers
> (unless you guys like spam :-)

... it just makes it impossible to have technical discussions with people
not subscribed cc'ed to the list. Also users cannot send bug reports
without subscribing, which I would consider unfortunate.

Wouldn't it be better to consider using one of the spam blackhole services
and opening the list up, and tolerate the small rest that slips through
in the name of user friendlyness and developer efficiency? 

-Andi (who is always very annoyed when a list administrator expects him to
subscribe to a list first just to send bug reports) 

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