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Fri Dec 15 18:15:08 UTC 2000

On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 07:51:10AM +0100, Russell Coker wrote:
> If you don't reply to email sent to the package maintainer address and don't 
> fix high-priority bugs in your packages then your packages can be NMU'd 
> without any issue.  After an NMU if there is still no response then they are 
> up for grabs.
> If he doesn't want me to take over the package then he will have to reply to 
> my email.

Sounds good to me.  I want those packages updated and working too.

> >Since the configure.in scripts are essentially the same, you can just submit
> > a patch to one or the other to the lvm-devel list and we'll get it in on
> > the next release.  I am the one responsible for the conversion of LKM to
> > the autoconf system, so I'd be interested to see how you intend to
> > accomplish this.
> LKM?

Oops...that's supposed to be LVM.

> >> Also I would prefer to have the Debian packaging files in the upstream
> >> source.  They are about 5K of data in 11 files in a separate
> >> sub-directory. Please let me know if this would be desired/accepted as
> >> part of the LVM upstream source and I will send the relevant patch to you.
> >
> >One question.  Why?  Seems completely unnecessary to me.
> It makes things easier for people doing other distributions amoung other 
> things.  If you had a Red Hat spec file in there then it would have made 
> things a bit easier for me (I could probably find one on the net somewhere 
> but then there's issues of whether it matches the source I've got etc).
> Also if someone submits a patch for lvm then they would (hopefully) also 
> patch the Debian setup in a matching fashion thus saving duplication of 
> effort.
> Debian packaging files in the CVS works well for KDE...

But if you have your packaging scripts setup correctly, when an upstream
version changes, you just run uupdate -u upstream-package.tar.gz and it
updates the source and puts it into the correct tree...seems much easier to
maintain than trying to keep everything current in the CVS.  As long as you
are releasing the debian source tarball as well as the binary, this shouldn't
be an issue.

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