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Brad Corsello bcorsello at usa.net
Tue Dec 19 02:43:04 UTC 2000

vgextend segfaults (lvm 0.9, kernel test10) 
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>> I take it from your comment that the current CVS code is not the 0.9 c=
ode. =

>> that correct?

>Correct.  The main branch will be the cluster LVM development, you
>really don't want this at the moment.

OK, lemme get this straight.  (Sorry if I'm being dense here.)  I started=
the lvm kernel module code that comes with the 2.4.0-test10 sources.  I
patched it with the two 0_9 patches per the INSTALL instructions, and com=
it into my kernel.  Then I installed the 0.9 tools RPM from sistina.com. =
is what is segfaulting when I try to do a vgextend.  Not a fatal problem,=

since I don't absolutely need the extra space in my volume group.  But do=
anyone know of a patch to fix this?  Is this likely to be fixed in the fi=
2.4?  =

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