[linux-lvm] Finnish web mirror

Russell Coker russell at coker.com.au
Tue Dec 19 20:56:47 UTC 2000

Name:    cache-utu-a-rtr.utu.fi

The above machine has been mindlessly mirroring my web server including the 
LVM stuff.  The LVM data has no links from anywhere else and has only been 
mentioned here and on debian-devel.  As announcing other things in 
debian-devel hasn't got this result I presume that the person running that 
annoying Finnish machine is on this list.

I have put in a null-route for the machine to stop them downloading from my 
site.  Downloading lots of files from a web server comprising multiple 
versions of programs (including obsolete versions) and multiple versions of 
binaries is annoying if the web server is on a slow link.

If someone feels that they have a genuine need for mirroring my site then 
they should inform me and I will tell them how to do so without wasting their 
hard drive space and my bandwidth.

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