[linux-lvm] Debian packaging

Fionn Behrens Fionn.Behrens at unix-ag.org
Tue Dec 19 20:24:22 UTC 2000

Hi Andreas Dilger,

on 17-Dec-2000 you wrote:
>> I was thinking that perhaps what I should do is have /sbin/lvm-ver and 
>> /lib/lvm-ver directories where "ver" is the version of LVM in question.
>> Then at boot time there is a script that determines the version of LVM in
>> the 
>> kernel and creates sym-links from /sbin and /lib to the correct
>> directories.  
> Think PATH - this is really easy, and shells already support it.  No more
> work to be done, and it's not ugly.  The IOP version will probably never
> change within a boot (unless LVM is a module and it gets upgraded without
> upgrading the kernel - unlikely).

Shouldnt the debian alternatives mechanism (see "man 8 update-alternatives")
be most appropriate for this task?


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